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Who we are?

The Container Depot Association (Singapore) (abbreviated as CDAS) was formed in 1991 as one of the logistics and Transport association in Singapore, with the aim of providing assistance to members and players in the industry at large. It was renamed in 2017 to the Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore) to encompass a wider scope of work and to be aligned with the nature of the logistics supply chain. Through working with other logistics association, as well as various government agencies and authorities, we have helped to enhance the working methods and relationships of the port operators and the land transport businesses. We also work closely with SPRING Singapore to embark on various projects to help the local SMEs to grow.

Through the years, we have established a training centre in 2007, which provided various customs, logistics, transport and safety related courses for the industry, and have also launched various systems to help improve the operation process of both the container truckers (originally the Container Tracking System (CTS) and now the electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS), as well as worked towards improving the container depot workflow process via the Container Management System (CMS).  We also organize various overseas mission study to explore new technology and learning of best practices that would be benefits to our industry players back in Singapore. CDAS is active in supporting the workplace safety for the logistics and transport service sector; also supporting the standards development for logistics industry through chairing the Technical Committee for Logistics under the Services Standards Committee of Singapore Standards Council. Through the formation of Logistics Alliance initiated by SPRING Singapore, CDAS continues to be involved in driving new initiative for the logistics industry, such as the new “Transport Integrated Platform (TRIP) and the “Vocational Training Programme for Heavy Vehicle Drivers”.

Over the years, CDAS has been actively involved engaged with various government statutory boards such as SPRING Singapore, IMDA, IE Singapore, Land Transport Authority, JTC Corporation, WSH Council and Singapore Customs to embark on projects and outreach sessions to help the Logistics industry. CDAS also works closely with other Trade Association and Partners – Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), Singapore Transport Association (STA), PSA and Jurong Port, to bring about positive changes to the industry.


Our Mission


We pride ourselves on trying our best to help our members resolve their existing issues and overcoming obstacles.


CDAS is constantly exploring innovations and new technology to help the logistics and transportation industry achieve greater heights.


We organize frequent mission trips around the world to study and learn best practices and impart this knowledge to our local companies to help them increase their competitive edge.

Our Vision

“Formed by the industry for the industry”

Council Members

Council Members for Term 2017/18



Mr. Peter Ho
Wing Seng Logistics Pte Ltd

 Peter Ho V2

Deputy President


Mr. Ricky Loo
CWT Integrated Pte Ltd

 Ricky V2

Honorary Secretary


Mr. Colin Foo
Associated Carriage & Warehousing (S) Pte Ltd

 Colin V2

 Deputy Honorary Secretary


Mr. Ng Wei Jun
Chuan-Li Container Pte Ltd

 Wei Jun V2

Honorary Treasurer


Mr. Koo Mui Hwee
Yang Kee Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd

 Koo V2

Deputy Honorary Treasurer


Mr. Vincent Lim
SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd


Council Member


Mr. Paul Ng
Eng Kong Container Services Pte Ltd

 Paul V2

Council Member


Mr. Hew Chee Fatt
HLA Container Services Pte Ltd

Council Member


Mr. K C Chong
MCS Logistics (S) Pte Ltd

 KC Chong V2

Council Member


Mr. Raymond Ng
C & P Transport Pte Ltd


CDAS Advisor


Associate Professor Tan Kok Choon

Department of Decision Sciences, NUS Business School

The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific (TLIAP)

 Prof. Tan V2

CDAS’ Achievements

  • Through the formation of Logistics Alliance initiated by SPRING Singapore, CDAS continues to be involved in driving new initiative for the logistics industry, such as the new “Transport Integrated Platform (TRIP) and the “Vocational Training Programme for Heavy Vehicle Drivers”.
  • CDAS piloted the adoption of the Container Management System (CMS), by the Container Depot Transport and Logistics industry. The system helps introduce a formalized system in managing traffic and logistics flow on the participating container depots.
  • CDAS as the Lead Association, developed a track and trace Containerised Traffic System (CTS) for the container operations. The system is managed by CDAS, supported by Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Singapore Transport Association (STA, is strongly acknowledged by SPRING Singapore and PSA. This system also allows for 2-way communications among Office Fleet Controller, Drivers and Port Operations.
  • To meet the demand of the industry, as well as to prepare hauliers for the digitization of the industry, CDAS rolled out the Electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS), with the aid of SPRING and WSG, to help existing users upgrade to a better platform towards that goal.
  • Led by CDAS, along with the joint working committee comprising of SLA, STA, PSA, Jurong Port, and the support from MOM and WSHC, had collaborated to develop a “Safe Loading on Vehicles Guide Book”, to provide a guide on the best practices to follow, for Drivers and Operation Staff in the Logistics Industry. This guidebook has both English and Chinese version and both are available for download on the WSH Council’s website.
  • Our association also conducts various industry seminars & conferences and business missions, which can help our members and industry players to learn and adopt of best practices, to explore and expand their business further overseas and discover new business opportunities.
  • Through close working relationships with various government agencies, we have also helped our members attain subsidies for various project implementations.
  • Attainment of bizSAFE Level 3 status.


Contact Info

Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore)
CDAS Logistic Alliance (Ltd)

9 Jurong Town Hall Road #04-12, TA Hub, Jurong Town Hall
Singapore 609431
Main Line: +65 6513 3173
FAX: +65 6376 2590

For Enquiry and assistance on:

electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS)
and Container Management System (CMS)
Technical Helpdesk: 6513 3171
CMS / eCTS Admin / Account: 6513 0300

Contact: Mr Seth Chen, tel: 6376 5927

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