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The Platform to support the Logistics and Transportation Industry.

 Introducing Electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS), a new generation platform that is ready to work on the 3G network.  

The platform leverages on using tablets (the iPad mini) to support the hauliers’ container trucking operations.

Functions and Benefits

  • Notifications Visibility for Drivers
  • Automated Entry (eGate) into Empty Depots
  • Manage & Track your Fleet
  • Real Time Transaction Records
  • Communicate with your Drivers
  • Pre-trip check – Work Safety Compliance record
  • Multi-language message to Drivers
  • Two way text messaging with the depot gates and port (able to send alerts depots on truck’s arrival automatically, update on activity status)
  • Send documents directly to drivers electronically
  • Electronic acknowledgement when handing and taking over of container at Port (enable instant updates on the handing over and receiving of container). Enable e-POD and to comply with the standards stipulated in Container Equipment Interchange Receipt Technical
  • Direct link to CMS Live Portal. One single portal to manage your trucking operations. (All
    under the CMS Live  Portal).
  • Industry (Depot / Port) broadcast visibility to Drivers.
  • No software purchase / installation necessary as  the solution is completely web-based. Quick and Easy Installation of tablet onto vehicles (no longer require to send your truck down to vendor premises for any firmware upgrading).

eCTS Launch

Official Launch of eCTS in 2016 at the 3rd Logistics & Transportation Conference

Coverage of eCTS by Lianhe Zaobao on 8 Nov 2017


More benefits and future initiatives will be rolled out via this platform. Call us today to learn more about eCTS!

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