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CDAS Logistics Alliance (Ltd) and Containerchain to unveil new digital efficiency features at industry gathering

Singapore, 26 June 2018: The Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore) and their technology partner; Containerchain will hold an industry information session in Singapore on 26 June 2018 to unveil the latest enhancement features of their;

  1. Container Management System (CMS); a cloud-based ecosystem that provides real time information and visibility to depot facilities, transporters working within the container depots and its container logistics stakeholder. It facilitates real-time planning, container movements, maintenance and repair activities,
  2. Electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS); a field service management mobile application for trucks that provides; real-time tracking visibility, communications, route optimization, digitised document exchanges, port pre-clearance and forward notification,
  3. Transport Integration Platform (TRIP); a single platform that draws information from both CMS and eCTS as well as performs data exchange with other third-party systems. It offers paperless and cashless transactions capabilities, pre-arrival clearance and forward notification capability through geo-fencing technology.

The industry information session will communicate new features like;

  1. Electronic gating (e-Gate) that provides advance arrival visibility, automates the process of truck arrivals and departure processing. This improves truck turn times at container facilities,
  2. An integrated transport management system (TRIP-TMS) built into the existing TRIP platform that will include driver & job allocation, reporting and analytics, business process interconnectivity and more,
  3. Job-pooling function that will allow transport companies and fleet controllers with spare capacity to post or select available transport jobs,
  4. The conversion of manual, paper-driven container interchange receipts with an electronic version called Electronic Container Interchange Receipt (eCEIR) that offers real-time, geo-tagged inspection photographs with full audit trail of container damages.


More information on these solutions will be outlined at the LINKS@SG Forum, to be held at the following venue:-

Date:              26th June 2018 (Tuesday)

Time:              10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue:           Genting Hotel Jurong
Level 1, Genting 1 Ballroom
2 Town Hall Link, Singapore 608516

This event is for Business Owners, Senior Management or Fleet Controller personnel only.

Only registered participants will be allowed into the event.

Please register by clicking here.

For any clarification, you may contact CDAS @ 6513 3173.

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