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Logistics Alliance Manpower workgroup – Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)- South East Asia for logistics

Enterprise SG

CDAS is pleased to introduce a new programme to its members!

Enterprise Singapore (formally IE Singapore and SPRING) and Workforce Singapore have developed Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)- South East Asia for logistics. This aims to support companies to build up  stronger pipeline of human capital to  capture regional business  opportunities.


How will the programme  benefit companies?

Structured On-Job-Training to plug  logistics-related skills and experience  gaps, with exposure to real-time projects. Mix of classroom and overseas job  attachments to bridge critical in-market  skill gaps. Candidates will develop business development skills for regional markets, and develop some understanding of business landscape in the region.


What is the salary support quantum?

This scheme provides salary support up to S$6,000/month for 12 month period. This is an attractive support.


Who can be supported?

Companies can apply for this support for a wide range of cases, namely:

  • new hires who have logistics related experience but no regional knowledge or vice versa
  • existing staff whose portfolio may be at risk e.g. due to re-organisation/outsourcing, etc.
  • Various case illustrations are appended in the FAQs for clarity
  • If you intend to use this scheme but has no candidate in mind, we can also share some CVs from Workforce Singapore for your review


Overview of this programme is found in the following link  PCP SEA with FAQs

For interest and queries, feel free to contact Woo Pei Jie, Senior Development Partner, Enterprise Singapore ( )

FAQs – illustration of cases

  1. New hire from a logistics company. He has been focusing on Singapore local market with no exposure to SEA markets. Can he be put under PCP-SEA logistics given that he needs for his job to build up understanding of regional markets? Yes.


  1. New hire from another sector. He covered Africa market but these are not SEA which the hiring company is focused on. Can he be supported with PCP-SEA logistics programme to build knowledge on the regional markets? Yes.


  1. Analyst new hires without regional markets understanding but company needs candidates with markets knowledge. Can they be put under PCP-SEA logistics to plug the gap for regional knowledge? Yes.


  1. Company has existing staff but his portfolio will be discontinued due to outsourcing/re-organisation, can he be placed under this PCP for a logistics role in my company? Yes, because the individual’s job is at-risk and he/she will lose the job if no intervention.


  1. Company has a manager handling Singapore sales, can he be part of this PCP to oversee Southeast Asia sales portfolio? No, this is job enlargement and the individual’s job within the company is not at-risk. The PCP is mainly for new hires, but there is provision to support existing staff if the individual’s portfolio is at-risk.


  1. Company manager has been overseeing warehouse business in SG and intend to put him on ad hoc projects to handle warehouse business in Thailand. Can he be supported? No, same reason as 5.


  1. Existing data analyst will not be required due to company transformation, can he be placed in this PCP to do e-commerce logistics? Yes, since his existing job is at-risk.

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