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Member’s Benefit


A membership with CDAS means that you as a company from the Container Depot and Haulage industry, will be part of our Association, where you will not only enjoy the numerous and growing benefits, but also have a representative voice in the industry. As members, you will be updated on the latest initiatives that can benefit you, as well as the latest industry developments, news and announcements. Join us, and play an active role, and helping to steer the industry towards a brighter future!

Please note that companies need to be registered in Singapore in order to become an Association Member.

Ordinary Members

Companies who run a container depot operation, have interests and experience in matters related to one or more committee of the Association come under the Ordinary Membership. They are able to exert the right to vote at the AGM, and may be invited to be a part of the Association Council.

To join us as Ordinary members, download, fill & sign the Application form for Ordinary Membership, then send it via post to our address

Associate Members

Companies who do not run a container depot operation, but are have operations within the logistics and transportation industry will come under the Association Membership group. They will be able to experience the same benefits as the Ordinary members, but will not have voting rights at the AGM.

To join us as Associate members, download, fill & sign the Application form for Associate Membership, then send it via post to our address

Affiliate Members

All firms and companies that do not meet the above description, but have an interest or experiences in matters related to the industry are still welcome to join our association as Affiliate Members. They will also enjoy benefits of the association membership, but also do not have voting rights at the AGM.

To join us as Affiliate members, download, fill & sign the Application form for Affiliate Membership, then send it via post to our address

Membership Benefits and Privileges


  • We have established a Training Centre, which is made available for conducting of training courses, a venue for networkings, seminars as well as for meeting members.
  • Members will be able to receive latest news / updates on changes or any latest development from the association where such information is make available by the relevant agencies.
  • We established good working relationship with STA, SLA. We have also maintained regular dialogue /meetings / contacts with PSA, SPRING Singapore, IE Singapore, MPA, IDA, Singopore Customs, Jurong Port, TP, MOM-WSHA., etc.
  • We provide a platform for Members to feedback on the operational issues and industry issues, we will assist to address to the relevant agencies when it deems fit.
  • Members are able to rent the training room / seminar room at discounted rate for meeting and training purpose.
  • Members are able to enjoy at a discount rate for some seminars and selected courses.
  • On top of that, CTS users who join as our members will also enjoy a discounted rate on the monthly CTS fees.

CDAS had also achieved / offers the following:

  • Developed a track and trace Containerised Traffic System (CTS) for the container operations. Led and managed by CDAS, supported by Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Singapore Transport Association (STA).  This system is strongly acknowledged by SPRING Singapore. This system also allows for 2-way communications among Office Controller, Drivers and Port Operations.
  • Not only will CTS users be able to improve their organization’s efficiency through the implementation of this system, members will also stand to get a much lower monthly subscription rate for this service.
  • Launched and Integrated the Container Management System (CMS) for Container Depot Operations. This system has been adopted by the depot industry, and will allow for a smoother and improved operational flow between hauliers and container depots.
  • CDAS became the lead association, along with the joint working committee comprising of SLA, STA, PSA, Jurong Port, and the support from MOM and WSHC, had collaborated to developed a “Safe Loading on Vehicles Guide Book”, to provide a guide on the best practices to follow for Drivers and Operation Staff in the Logistics Industry. This guidebook is available for free distribution and on the WSH Council’s website.
  • Our association also conducts various industry conferences, and business missions, which can help our members to explore and expand their business further overseas and discover new business opportunities.
  • Through close work with various government agency, we have also helped our members attain subsidies for various project implementations.
  • As a new initiative, CDAS is now conducting a quarterly member dialogue sessions, for Depot Operators to come together to table issues for discussion, for the benefit of the industry players.
  • As a first contact between the government agency and the private companies, our association also help to bring up issues faced by our members to the proper authority/entity, to try and find an amicable solution for all parties, if it is reasonable.
  • CDAS also provides various complimentary services to its members,  such as the placement of job advertisements on our web portal.

These are just some of our ever growing list of offerings and achievements. More will come as our association grows along with the industry players.

We hope this will motivate you and your fine organization to be a part of our association, to reap the benefits and play an important role in helping to shape the industry.

Contact Info

Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore)
CDAS Logistic Alliance (Ltd)

9 Jurong Town Hall Road #04-12, TA Hub, Jurong Town Hall
Singapore 609431
Main Line: +65 6513 3173
FAX: +65 6376 2590

For Enquiry and assistance on:

electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS)
and Container Management System (CMS)
Technical Helpdesk: 6513 3171
CMS / eCTS Admin / Account: 6513 0300

Contact: Mr Seth Chen, tel: 6376 5927

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