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The Container Management System (CMS) is a web-based application that enables users to view and perform transactions anywhere anytime.


This solution was implemented in 2014 and adopted by the majority of container depots across Singapore.

The booking system is one of the main feature of the solution. The system enhances the communication between depot operators and transport operators via a common online portal. The system provides a visibility window allowing transport operators to plan their trips to collect or return containers. Depot operators can also better manage their operations since advance bookings are made. As a result, the queues and waiting time at depots will be drastically reduced.

A Terminal will be installed on each Container Forklift, to enable the Forklift operator to receive their job information and update accordingly upon completion. Container surveyors will also be issued with handheld survey devices which enables them to capture photographs to be uploaded instantly into the system for further actions by relevant stakeholders in order to prevent disputes at the gate to avoid jams.

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Improve interaction amongst major stakeholders handling inland empty containers (MTs) to:

  • Create efficiency;
  • Allow paperless and cashless transactions between hauliers and depot operators;
  • Provide visibility and real-time empty container information to ALL stakeholders; and
  • Improve overall productivity across the supply chain.


Benefits to All Stakeholders

  • Time reduction in physical transactions of containers;
  • Simpler workflow and processes;
  • Access to accurate & real-time information;
  • Reduce/eliminate human error;
  • Reduction of staff handling;
  • Improved customers’ service.


Business Benefits

  • Reduce variable costs (e.g. fuel, labour, container detention);
  • Optimise Capital Expenditure (e.g. container inventory, number of trucks, yard space and equipment);
  • Reduce points of business failure (e.g. double handling, lost time, safety, inactive vehicles and people)

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