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Update: Please be informed that with effect from 1 April 2017, CDAS will no longer be able to continue supporting the CTS system. CDAS will continue to support the transport community through the electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS) with effect from 1 April 2017.
Thank you for your continued trust in CDAS. It is our privilege to continue to support the industry through various initiatives.

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The CTS provides real time track and trace capabilities by providing data communication among PM drivers and other parties involved such as port operators and in house traffic controllers.



The Containerized Traffic System is a communication network system which comprises of hardware and software components. Prime Movers (PM) are installed with a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), keypad, GPS Tracker and antenna. It replaces the memo paging service which Telco had phased out in 2008.The Geographical Information System (GIS) incorporated in the CTS updates Fleet Controllers the status of the PM in real-time. The status includes the geographical location of PM current location, speed, trailer registration number (if towed), engine status, road name, name of zone and track history. It was the first system developed locally that addresses the needs of the hauliers community. In short it provides real time track and trace capabilities by providing data communication among PM drivers and other parties involved such as port operators and in house traffic controllers. It also allows planning and scheduling of jobs thereby optimizing the use of resources (Prime Movers, Trailers and Drivers) to achieve higher productivity.




In 2001, CDAS, together with a team of haulier companies, worked with an IT vendor to develop a simple track and trace Container Freight Management System (CFMS) for container operations. This system was launched and implemented in March 2005. In June 2005, CDAS together with Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Singapore Transport Association (STA) approached SPRING Singapore for funding assistance to further enhance CFMS. It aimed to enable 2-way communication among Office Controller, Drivers and Port Operations. With this development, the system was renamed “Containerized Traffic System”, in short CTS. This system is managed by CDAS.



  • Real time track and trace of Prime Movers and Trailers.
    • Two way communication between drivers and controllers. Able to receive PSA’s port operations messages via MDT
  • Job Dispatching to driver via MDT in the vehicle.
  • Initiate Job assignment by capturing customer’s purchase order, job instructions and job details.
  • Real time monitoring of job in progress.
    • View vehicle location via GIS map.
  • Monitoring of vehicle usage and speed.
  • Monitoring of last known trailer location.
  • Generate Management Reports
    • The system provides several performance reports for management reporting such as:
      • Daily mileage report
      • Vehicle and trailer deployment report
      • Message record report
      • Driver trip report



A. One Time Charge B. Recurring Charge (monthly)
1. Supply and installation of MDT, mobile display, keypad, antenna and SIM card. 1. Monthly CTS subscription per prime mover
2. Supply and installation of Trailer ID tag
3. Installation of CTS software (include license, exclude hardware)
3.1 On a server (for fleet size >= 20 vehicles)
3.2 On a PC (for fleet size < 20 vehicles)

As of August 2013

Total of 210 companies using CTS

96% of vehicles going through PSA

Covers 2,860 prime movers

About 6,173 trailers installed with trailer ID Tag.

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