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0c758c944f0062609b2677e28107bc5e_L-536x340 Warehousing and Storage Safety & Risk Assessment Workshop

Warehousing and storage is an important part of logistics services. It covers a wide scope of activities that can result in various hazards and risks. This workshop is designed for warehouse executives and supervisors to better understand effective safety and health management and  identify risks that could potentially arise in…

233826a67be66a810b23a263230da62e_L Workshop on Risk Assessment for Offices and Workplace

This workshop is designed specifically to cater to Office environments. Through this workshop, participants will get to learn about Risk Management concepts and methodologies which are applicable within an office environment. Its objective is to help the Safety team and officers better understand their roles, and to equip them with the right knowledge…

e2bf3b11df0b872112757f1c2fee6e32_L Workshop on Supplier Management

The workshop aims to provide professionals with an introduction to the latest supplier management concepts. The qualification provides the participants with an understanding of how supplier management fits into the business environment and how they can better equipped to progress in their respective careers in the industry. How do you rate your relationship with suppliers?…

71f67488b0857639cee631943a3fc6fa_L Workshop on Practical Risk Assessment for Risk Management Team

This workshop covers most topics in the bizSAFE level 2 – Risk Management Course. It is a simplified version of Risk Management with focus in practical Risk Assessment and aims to help companies to train more people in Risk Management for better achievement with minimal cost! Who should attend: Risk Management Team including the Safety…

safety_loading Safe Loading on Vehicles Training Programme

Training Synopsis: To bring about a safer working environment for the community, a Joint Committee effort comprising of the 3 Logistics Associations, CDAS, SLA and STA, and the Port Operators PSA and Jurong Port, and with support from MOM and the Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC), developed a set of…

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